Why did Margrave Dedo’s diet fail, what did the Wettin princes secretly do in their chambers and where did Duchess Elisabeth hide her dangerous letters? Get to know more about the »forgotten Wettins« in the new exhibition at Rochlitz Castle.

After two decades of intensive reconstruction work the grandiose Princes’ House is finally open again. Marvel at the imposing living and state rooms, discover the secrets of the glorious history and sense how maids and servants in the castle kitchen once took care of their lords and ladies.

A glimpse into the world of the high and late Middle Ages can be caught in the exhibition tie-in movie »FAT, ONE-EYED, REVOLUTIONARY. – Three Wettins for a thousand stories« at Rochlitz Castle:

At Rochlitz Castle princesses and princes of bygone centuries are brought back to life and guide you through an interactive multimedia exhibition. Cinematic enactments, modern media-stations and an audioguide make the history of Rochlitz Castle palpable. The new exhibition is a true adventure for families, active seniors and tour groups from near and far.

The three parts »FAT«, »ONE-EYED« and »REVOLUTIONARY« as well as other exciting movies can be found on Youtube.


Rochlitz Castle

Sörnziger Weg 1 | 09306 Rochlitz

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Tip: Hubertusburg Palace

Hubertusburg Palace near Wermsdorf: With a ticket of Rochlitz Castle you are eligible for reduced admission to the special exhibition at Hubertusburg Palace »The Royal Hunting Palace of Hubertusburg and the Peace Treaty of 1763« from April 28 to 05 October 2013 (skd.museum/hubertusburg).

Holders of schloesserlandPASS are eligible for reduced admission, too (schloesserland-sachsen.de).