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Rochlitz Castle has idyllically been sitting enthroned for more than 1,000 years above the Zwickauer Mulde River between Leipzig and Chemnitz – and, still today, the majestic building is a true visitor attraction. Discover Rochlitz Castle and immerse yourself in its changeful history.


Rochlitz Castle

Sörnziger Weg 1 | 09306 Rochlitz

Property of State Palaces, Castles and Gardens of Saxony, non profit

+49 (0) 3737 4923-10

Reduced admission for refugees 

For a moment of peace and distraction, refugees receive reduced admission to Saxony's most beautiful castles, palaces and parks. 

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Benefits with the schloesserlandCARD

Permanent exhibition

Free admission to the permanent exhibition

Special exhibition

Reduced rates apply to enter special exhibition

Arrival & map

Next City:  Chemnitz  (37 km)

Arrival information:

Nearest city: Chemnitz (37 km)

How to get there:

·    By bus or rail

By public transport

·    By train to Geithain, Narsdorf, Mittweida or Erlau. From there, Rochlitz is within easy reach by bus. For further information about bus connections, please, go to

By car

·    via A4, exit Chemnitz- Ost, continue along Federal Road B107

·    via A14, exit Döbeln-Nord, continue along Federal Roads B169 and B175

·    via A72, exit Rochlitz, continue along Federal Road B175


There are parking facilities close to the castle, at Mühlplatz in close vicinity to the castle and in the »Uferstraße« carpark near the Mulde River bridge at the end of the town towards Mittweida.

Tour buses may also park in the »Uferstraße« carpark near the Mulde River bridge.

Offers to people with disabilities

Due to its historical nature, Rochlitz Castle is not accessible throughout for people with disabilities. But exclusive offers allow also visitors with disabilities the unique insight into medieval life.

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Tips for trips

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