The building measures on the almost 900-square-meter-large complex took 20 years. The affectionately restored Princes’ House Parlor and Transept has been open to the public again since 2012. Discover impressive and noble residential and representation rooms.

Exploration tour of Rochlitz Castle

Originally designed as fortification system, Rochlitz Castle was converted several times. Go on a discovery tour through Romanesque and Renaissance times today and take your time to have a look at the numerous gems in the castle.

With its impressive cross-ribbed vaults, the castle chapel is one of the architectural specialties at Rochlitz Castle. The Wettin princes Ernest and Albert assigned Court Master Builder Arnold von Westfalen with extending what then was the chapel. Only fragments of the walls that had been painted in the fresco-secco technique have been preserved to this day, but none of the stained- origine and fishbone glass windows. Yet, the castle chapel spreads unique charm – above all, for its spectacular acoustics.

The landmark towers »Lichte Jupe« and »Finstere Jupe« have Rochlitz Castle appear like fortified cathedral. Originally intended as residential towers, they both accommodate still today dungeons and the torture chamber is in the »Finstere Jupe«. One of the prison cells has been recreated in its realistic form; the others hold a considerable treasure: the castle library. Ascend the 142 stairs of the »Lichte Jupe« and enjoy a magnificent round view over Rochlitz and the Mulde River valley.


Rochlitz Castle

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