Rochlitz Castle

The Fat Count, the One-Eyed Margrave and the Revolutionary

»Light Jupe« and »Dark Jupe« are a pair of towers that have been presiding over Rochlitz for over 600 years. Rochlitz Castle was built in the 10th century to ensure victory over the West Slavs. After the prince electors had overseen various military sieges, Rochlitz Castle also experienced brighter times: Dedo of  Groitzsch, known commonly as »the Fat«, promoted the settlement of the district of Rochlitz, and Margrave Wilhelm the One-Eyed had the castle converted into a residential palace. Duchess Elisabeth of Saxony paved the way for the Reformation during the Schmalkaldic War. A particularly impressive feature is the carefully restored Princes’ House with its aristocratic rooms and the magnificent Dining Hall. The history of the »forgotten Wettins« can be relived in an interactive exhibition for people of all ages.


Rochlitz Castle

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